The needs of our customers drive us further. We join forces with companies that create the future of quality.

Together with you, we will go through your production and control process and propose the necessary change in the field of deployment of automation, digitization and improvement of process and final controls. In our group, experienced suppliers of AI solutions and automation have come together under our leadership.

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“Our activity is focused on streamlining and increasing the performance of customer processes in an unstoppable trend digitization, automation and the use of elements of artificial intelligence. We cooperate with the customer from analysis, determination of the right steps, selection and installation of the solution, to subsequent support and development of the solution. We integrate the best solutions for the benefit of our customers, enabling them to gain a competitive edge.”

Petr Koutný

CEO of QPAG Digital

We will go through your current process with you, your manual or other inspection method and analyze the suitability of deploying an automatic system with artificial intelligence. Initial quick check and consultation. Free of charge.

On the basis of the presented master samples, the error catalog and the specification of the target inspection performance, we will perform a detailed analysis and verification of the detection of errors on parts, the speed and completeness of data acquisition in our innovation center. We will select suitable powerful optics and propose a preliminary design of the measuring AI system, including the handling of parts to ensure a measurement cycle of only a few seconds and herewith a quick return on investment. We will offer you a reliable AI solution that will increase the profitability of your company and aim your quality results towards the required A level, 0 ppm.

Proof of AI inspection concept will show you the suitability of your parts for using a powerful optical inspection system with artificial intelligence. Don’t you want to invest in the equipment yourself? We will provide you with the outsourcing of inspection operations for the agreed period in our flexible unit.

After AI inspection system industrialisation we will help you with use of the MES system Big Data collection from both systems, in order to find correlations and trends between the obtained data and analysis. Together with your production and engineering team we optimize the production process of your components and significantly reduce quality costs and complaints. With setup of Power BI Quality reporting tool can be displayed your quality process trend , created data analysis for subsequent production process improvement. Your profitability increase is our goal.